Women are an important segment of society that has been greatly neglected in this part of the globe for far too long. The culture of tolerance and sacrifice that was once a strong character of our women has become a shackle in the post modem era. The expectations from them have raised many fold without them being empowered accordingly. How does half the population performs effectively without education and awareness It is the basic and right of the citizens and the fundamental duty of the government to see that it materializes.
The current government, realising its primary responsibility to empower the women has taken any initiatives that are working towards this goal. The recent visit of the Prime Minister along with the first lady and Maryam New. to the US has been termed as a great success in this regard. Among other things, the issue of empowering the women of Pakistan through quality education needs to be highlighted for what it stands. Maryam Nawaz and Michelle Obama, the American first lady has joined together Mr the first time to make a difference in the lives of Pakistani women.