Access to technology, control of it, and the ability to create and shape it, is a fundamental issue of women’s human rights. Global Fund for Women’s Technology Initiative aims to help end the gender technology gap and empower women and girls to create innovative solutions to advance equality in their communities. For instance, with a mobile phone, a pregnant woman in a rural area can stay connected to a midwife. For other women and girls, Internet access and a mobile phone can mean access to a bank account for the first time, a new tool to learn how to read and write, or a way to stay safe and avoid harassment in a crowded city.

What the Technology Initiative will achieve

  • Improved access to and control of technology for women and girls, especially in remote and marginalized areas
  • Creative technology-based solutions to key gender equality issues like violence, health, and economic and political empowerment
  • Safer online spaces for women and girls, and women’s rights organizing
  • More women and girls playing leadership roles in designing and shaping technology, especially to advance women’s rights
  • Stronger, more inclusive national and global women’s movements, collaborating regularly to share resources and ideas, and develop common advocacy strategies